The Passion according to Saint John BWV 245

Friday, April 14, 2017 at 12:00 noon

Saint Peter's Church presents the Passion according to Saint John in its original setting: in liturgy on Good Friday, much as it would have been at Leipzig's Nikolaikirche on April 7, 1724. Cantor Balint Karosi, winner of the Leipzig Prize, leads the Saint Peter's Choir, Period Orchestra and soloists from the harpsichord. The rarely-heard baroque Bassoon Grosso will be featured -- Bach specifies it in the score and the one used at Saint Peter's may likely be the only one in the United States.

Dr. Christoph Wolff, director of the Bach Archive and professor emeritus of Harvard University, is joined by Rabbi Peter Rubenstein from Central Synagogue, for a Christian-Jewish panel discussion moderated by Pastor Amandus Derr. Click events for more information. The Passion follows.

John and "the Jews"

Interpreters, politicians, religious leaders and even faithful people have ignored, exploited and misused the phrase "the Jews." 

Increasing instances of anti-Semitism and other religious intolerance in our current political and social environments urge us all to responsibility.

As Saint Peter's Church prepares to present Johann Sebastian Bach's Passion according to Saint John on Good Friday, explore the text, tradition, music and history. We can and must do better. 

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